No one is perfect. If you are embarrassed about your teeth, please don't worry! We are here to help.

Everyday we aim for simple perfection for you. Angela LOVES fixing teeth so that people can smile again. We don't measure how well we are going by the money we make but rather the flowers, cards and hugs we get for our efforts.

Our Aim - Beautiful Smiles

There are so many options nowadays to improve your smile. You are no longer limited to expensive crown and bridgework but can often have incredible results from bleaching, replacing fillings and composite veneers/crowns without the loss of tooth structure that is often necessary with traditional crowns and bridges. Angela and her staff are committed to continuing education and love the stimulation and challenges of everyday life in a remote Private Practice Dentistry. Checkout out our Gallery to see how others have had their smile improved.

We know you might be slightly nervous, scared or even terrified. Angela has a special interest in people that are afraid of the Dentist and has always done well in helping people through their dental appointments. This is one reason why we have purchased the STA Wand so we can provide an even better Dental experience.

We manage your pain. We know you might be in pain. Whether you are in a lot or a little pain, whether you have had toothache for hours or years, we will ask you some simple questions so that we can book the right appointment for the right amount of time as soon as needed.

We LOVE treating kids. Believe it or not, it can be fun at the Dentist. We not only want your children to have a positive experience, but a memorable experience that wants them to visit again.

GAP Free Kids Dentistry

We know we have done our job well when the parents are asked "When are we going back to visit Angela?" or "Mum, can I come to the dentist with you?". It might seem strange but wanting to return is a not an uncommon experience.

If you have HBF Family cover or BUPA Silver / Gold Family cover, your kids get all of their basic dentistry for FREE** until that are no longer covered on your policy. This includes Checkups, Cleans, Fillings, X-Rays, OPG X-Rays, Fissure Sealants, Mouthguards and more.

** Conditions Apply. Please refer to your Health Fund Policies.

Emergency Treatment and Pain Relief is critical. A Dental Emergency is as important as many general medical emergencies and as such, we treat them with the urgency required. We have a 2nd fully fitted out Emergency Surgery so anyone experiencing severe pain can be quickly assessed and treated while having as little impact on other patients as possible. If you have an urgent need to see a Dentist, please call (08) 9192 5911 straight away for fast attention and organise an appointment.

We know your time is precious and no one likes to wait. We allocate more time to every appointment so we can stick to appointment times even when those unforeseen issues arise. Sometimes we may run late and if we do, we will let you know so that you can choose to reschedule or keep the existing appointment.

Many Health Funds available

We know that you may be concerned about cost. Angela is a preferred provider with HBF and a BUPA Members First Dentist. Angela's fees for these funds are set by the Health Funds and are the same as other Preferred Providers/Members First Dentist all over Australia.

We also have HICAPS and so if you are a member of one of the many participating health funds, we can process your account on the spot and you need only pay the gap.

We want you to know all costs. Angela always take the time to discuss all of your treatment options with you and of course, cost is a major factor for most people. To assist your decision making, we are happy to provide quotes for all work including your initial consultation and any digital xrays/OPG. Treatment Plan quotes are managed using our integrated HICAPS quoting function to ensure that you know any out of pocket (GAP) expenses.

We want you to be informed, because information is empowering. Angela has always talked a lot to explain what is going on in your mouth, because if you understand what is causing your dental problems, then you can do something about it. Angela is always looking for new and better ways to educate her patients about teeth and so is very excited that she will have the very latest in Intra Oral Cameras, digital OPG X-Ray machine, digital X-Rays and the latest in Dental Patient Care Software.

Onsite Digital OPG X-Ray

Angela has a wide scope of experience and is committed to excellence. Angela has the latest diagnostic tools on hand, from her new Kavo Dental Chair to the on site digital OPG X-Ray machine that provides xrays of all your teeth, roots and jaw bones with very low radiation. Angela uses D4W software for thorough treatment notes and planning and is thorough in her examination of your mouth and teeth.

Angela is happy to provide white fillings ( composite) or silver fillings ( amalgam) and it is always your choice. We will always have a chat so that you can make an informed choice. Angela is very interested in your periodontal (gum) health and can clean your teeth using very simple to more complex procedures depending what's needed and your preference.

Angela can perform endodontics (root canal treatment) on most teeth, has a visiting Prosthodontist (for Implants) available and is looking for an Orthodontist (for braces) to visit Broome regularly.

We have a modern digital surgery. We live in a digitial world and many of us wouldn't know how to live without our smartphones, tablets and other digital devices. So why would a dental practice be any different? The digital world offers patients a level of diagnoses and treatment options that we now wonder how you can run a practice with these amazing tools and systems.

Intra-Oral Camera Image

For example, our digital Intra-Oral camera has revealed cracks, decay and other issues that could not be seen even with magnifying glasses! Our OPG X-Ray has also revealed internal decay and other issues that could not be seen or identified by other means. Not only does Angela discover these hidden problems but can easily show you to increase your understanding of the issue and treatment options. Angela can then take a high resolution snapshot that can then be used to monitor the issue if any worreatment is going to be postponed.

We laugh a lot but take our work seriously. Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine so we have a sense of humor to make your visit to the Dentist fun. We love our work and we want you to love your experience and to feel special because you are!

Angela after work at the Dampier Peninsula

If you are visiting Broome, we can look after you. Maybe you are traveling around Australia and need a check up or perhaps you are visiting Broome for your dream holiday and have broken a tooth or experiencing tooth ache - we will look after you. Angela can forward new dental records to your existing Dentist at no cost

We support young people as they enter the workforce. Our Dental Assistant Emily and part-time receptionist Daniel, are both young people and learning on the job and each has been chosen for their commitment to patient care.

We are committed to contributing to the Broome Community. Pearly Whites Dental supports The Hunger Project, New Hope India, Mercy International, Medicine Sans Frontiers and local groups through selling selected Local Artists work and donating 100% of the commission to these and other charities.