Friendly ... modern ... no large needles ... subtle ... surprising ... a great experience at the Dentist?

How about virtually painless? You probably won’t even feel a thing? Fear of needles can be GONE!

Steady... slow... gentle ... relaxed. Sounds more like getting a massage than having your teeth treated.

Doesn’t sound right?

Introducing the truly magical STA WAND anaesthetic system. It is not us that calls it magical but rather the thousands of patients around the world that experience it everyday. (If you think it is too good to be true, don't believe us and Google "STA WAND" yourself.)

Ancient (well almost) syringe/needle technology is now a thing of the past with the new magic STA Wand taking its place.

We have purchased the STA Wand to provide a unique service to the people of the Kimberley and complement our other leading edge equipment in our modern surgery.

So why is it a better experience ?

A little known and understood fact is that the primary cause of injection pain is actually the anaesthetic being delivered too quickly. Dr McIntosh (Angela) is known for her slow and comfortable injections and the STA Wand is even better! The wand or CompuDent/STA system controls the delivery even more precisely than any person can by having a computer control the flow by monitoring the pressure of the injection at the tip.

It begins to deliver anesthetic as soon as it is started and it actually numbs as it administers the anesthetic ...

Not only is it more comfortable, it can be used during diagnosis to only target the area immediately surrounding a tooth and validate which tooth is in pain.

What can you expect?

The handpiece itself looks about as threatening as a ball point pen and is held and used in a similar manner. It can in fact be completely hidden which is great for children and anyone who can't look at a needle.

The main thing you will notice is that it talks and makes a chiming sound every 15 seconds or so. This is the way it guides the dentist in the process. The next thing that is different to traditional anaesthetics is that it takes a little longer and doesn’t sting! Not one bit! You may feel a little pressure in the gum or on the tooth but pain is a thing if the past,

Don't believe us! Watch the Video below, Google STA Wand or simply make an appointment and try it yourself. (Available Now)

Welcome to the New & Modern Age of Dental anesthesia.