Time to Shine and Save!

polaOffice+ advanced in-chair teeth whitening system is now available at Pearly Whites Dental at the special price of $550++ including a polaLuminate touch up teeth whitening treatment valued at $60. This is a total saving of $160. Even less with many Health Funds. This price is valid for all treatments before Easter (30 March 2018). Take home whitening kit are also available. For more information give us on call (08) 91925911 or send us an Email.

The world’s fastest bleach

Minimal chair time is required. Less chair time means increased comfort and satisfaction. The unique 37.5% hydrogen peroxide formula with neutral pH and built in desensitiser ensures faster results with less discomfort.

“89% of customer evaluators would recommend Pola Office+ to a colleague”

“83% of professional evaluators would purchase Pola Office”

PolaOffice is a professionally applied in-chair whitening system to get you closer to that smile you want faster with immediate results. Unlike many cheaper options, this product provides fantastic results with little or no discomfort from sensitive teeth and in a single appointment. After a professional clean or polish, a special protective barrier is used to protect your gums before 3 applications of the whitening gel is applied. This gel may only be applied by a qualified dental professional and is not available to non-dental practitioners who are limited to a much lower solution (3%).

And to maintain your smile, a FREE polaLuminate pen is provided with the treatment (also available separately.)

++ Current Special Offers may be discontinued at any time by removal from this page or the written expiry date. Offers will be honoured provided an appointment for the offer has been made prior to the expiry time.