A great smile

One thing about Dentistry that I am really passionate about and love to do is fix peoples teeth so that they are confident to smile again. 

We all need more smiling people don't we?

Many people, for whatever reason, have heavily filled teeth.

Sometimes it is from diet, it may be partly heriditary and other times from inadequate brushing.

Teeth and mouths may be healthy but they can be just in serious need of rejuvenation. 

Simply by replacing old fillings can make your smile look great. 

But that's not all. While I replace your fillings and your teeth are numb, usually your teeth are in need of a deep clean or they may need a bit of extra work to get the shape or the contour right to rejuvenate a tooth that has suffered wear and tear from time and the toothbrush.

Modern composite materials can also be used to replace missing teeth. It is not always possible ( more extensive crown and bridgework, implants or dentures may be needed) but it is often a cost effective and relatively quick way to replace a tooth. Tooth replacement will depend on your bite and how big the space is that needs filling. 

I have heard Dentistry now described not only as a Medical Science but also an Art and the joy of my job is seeing a patient getting their confidence back to smile again.