Angela has always had a fascination with improving her patient's smiles at an affordable price and has had an interest in orthodontics since University. Primarily due to patient requests and the general need for a simple, fast and effective way to straighten Adult Teeth in Broome, Angela has been closely monitoring the various teeth straightening systems being offered and has chosen the Quick Straight Teeth™ (QST) alignment system.


Why only Adult Teeth?

Orthodontics is a complex and specialised field of dentistry and growing children are far more complex than an adult whose teeth & jaw have stopped growing. QST focuses on simple to moderate cases and braces concentrate on the front 6 to 8 teeth that reduces the complexity, time and cost to straighten teeth.


Why Quick Straight Teeth?

There are many products that are now available to straighten adult teeth and after reviewing many of these including Invisalign® and Inman®, we have chosen Quick Straight Teeth® (QST).

QST offers state-of-the-art fixed and removable clear brace systems.

We believe that QST:

  • is a flexible solution that provides both fixed and removable "almost invisible" appliances so one solution doesn't have to be made to fit all cases
  • has 5 unique removable appliances including Clear Aligners, Clear Braces and an Inman like aligner - all being nearly invisible.
  • is great "value for Money" and a very affordable teeth straightening system when compared to other aligner systems
  • is cost effective regardless whether Clear Aligners or Clear Braces are used.
  • is a quick way to straighten crooked teeth taking 4 to 24 weeks depending on complexity.
  • provides a comprehensive network of support in Australia to the Dentist by leading Orthodontists and other Experts

Fixed Braces
Removal braces
Q100 - Invisalign® Style Clear Aligners


Q500 - Inman® Style System


A Typical QST Timeline

We are often asked "How long does it take?" and of course the answer is not all that straight forward so we thought it appropriate to provide an indication of what appointments are generally required and the typical time frame until the next appointment. Please remember that excellent Oral Health and teeth free of decay is a prerequisite for QST.

Appt # Description Duration
Initial QST Consultation to determine whether QST (or cosmetic) are appropriate 30 min
Appointments 1 & 2 may be combined.
QST Assessment & Photographs, Consent  30 min
2 to 10 days
Review QST Assessment Outcome (Impressions may be taken) 15-30 min
Checkup including X-rays and even restorative appointments may be required prior to Impressions
Impressions taken 15-30 min
15 to 25 days if impressions have been taken
Braces/Retainer Fitting 1 hr per Arch
every 4 to 6 weeks for up to 36 weeks
Brace Adjustments / New Retainers 30 min
3 Weeks before end of Treatment
Impression(s) for Retainer(s) 15 min
15 to 25 days
Removal of Braces and fitting retainer 1 hr
Any additional cosmetic appointments from now


What about the cost?

All Orthodontic treatment requires a significant commitment from the patient due to the duration and complexity of treatment. To assist patients over this long period of treatment, Payment Plans are considered on a case by case basis. Payment Plans are not available for other treatments although appointments can be structured around a patient's individual budget and needs. 

An alternative is to seek finance through a finance company such as

Want to know more?

For more details on Quick Straight Teeth™, visit their website now 

or make an appointments for an obligation free QST Consultation NOW.