Aesthetic and Cosmetic dentistry can be a life changing experience for many people as it can restore confidence and self-esteem simply by improving their smile.

This gallery exhibits a range of results that Dr McIntosh (Angela) has achieved since opening Pearly Whites Dental in May 2014 to demonstrate examples of both simple and complex "smile" Aesthetic and Cosmetic restoration treatments and potential outcomes. 

Smiles in these photos have been primarily treated using modern composite resin where Angela has used her artistic and technical skills to create beautiful smiles. Angela sculptures teeth to look natural and provides effective, high quality alternatives to expensive traditional and overseas treatments that are often not in the reach of the average person's budget. 

Individual needs and results for Aesthetic and Cosmetic dentistry can vary and a consultation with Angela is necessary. A consultation will provide you with a selection of options to improve your smile whether it may be a simple clean, whitening or more complex treatments such as veneers and crowns. We are happy to provide written quotes and perform HICAPS quotes for participating Health Funds.

Recent advancements in composite resins, the material used for white fillings, have allowed new techniques to be developed using this amazing material so that healthy tooth structure does not need to be removed but rather built on. 

In many cases, these techniques allow a skilled dentist to offer alternative solutions to those associated with traditional approaches such as porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges where dental laboratories are required to manufacture the components in between appointments and tooth structure must be removed. A detailed description of Composite Materials and their properties can be found on the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry page.

Recent photographs have been taken with the aid of a ring flash and these appear "brighter" and more "white" than earlier photographs. Photographs have been cropped and resized. Some older photos have uniform lines caused by the dental chair LED light (note that lines vary from photo to photo). Photoshop (or similar) has NOT been used to remove these lines or enhance images to cover defects etc.

For more information on Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry and modern Composite Resins, checkout the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Services page.

Missing Tooth and then 3 hours!

Old Fillings and Missing Tooth
Home Bleaching lower teeth then 2x 4hr appointments
(Direct Composite Veneers , Replacement of Old Restoration (top center left) and Composite Bridge) 

Chipped / Worn Teeth 
 1 x 1.25 hr appointment
(Direct Composite Veneers Top 4 Teeth) 
Worn Teeth, Hated Denture 
1 x 4hr appointment + Denture
(Direct Composite Veneers - Upper & Lower Teeth, Valplast Denture)

Worn, Discoloured Teeth
1 x 4hr appointment
(Teeth Whitening, Pontic Bridges, Direct Composite Veneers)
Gaps & Worn Teeth
1 x 4hr appointment
(Direct Composite Veneers - Upper Teeth)
Gaps & Worn Teeth
1 x 4hr appointment
(Direct Composite Veneers - Upper Teeth)

Crooked & "Weak Teeth" Teeth
1 x 4hr appointment
(Direct Composite Veneers - Upper Teeth)
Overbite, Discoloured
1 x 4hr appointment
(Direct Composite Veneers - Upper Teeth)

 Missing/Discoloured Teeth - Gaps

1 x 4hr appointments

(Direct Composite Veneers - Upper Teeth)

 Strongly Discoloured
Enamel Defects

 (image adjusted to show detail)

2 x 4hr appointments

(Direct Composite Veneers - Upper & Lower Teeth)

 Very Uneven & Crooked

"Not White"

(Direct Composite Veneers - Upper Teeth)

(Home Kit Whitening- Lower Teeth Only)

Slightly Uneven / Crooked

"Not White"

(Direct Composite Veneers - Upper Teeth)

Chipped, Uneven, Slightly Crooked,
"Not White Enough"

(Direct Composite Veneers)

Missing Tooth

(Extraction Night Before - Composite Pontic / Sticky Bridge - Single Visit 2hours )

Chipped & Worn Teeth / Slight Discoloration

(Home Bleaching, Composite Veneers)


Decayed, Worn, Broken Teeth with Heavy Staining

(Direct Composite Fillings, Direct Composite Crowns and Composite Veneers)


Chipped, Worn and Uneven Teeth with some discoloration

(Composite Veneers)


Stained, Chipped and Uneven Upper Teeth

(Home Bleaching, Composite Veneers)


This patient thought her only option was overseas Dentistry.She hated her teeth and now she loves them.

Extracted tooth (night before) , discoloration

Tooth Extracted due to failed root canal treatment and fractured root.

 A Composite"Sticky" Bridge sculptured and placed the next day 2 hours


Lower Worn Teeth with Heavy Staining

(Composite Veneers)


Missing & Heavily Worn Teeth (Grinding during Sleep), Heavy Discoloration

(Composite Crowns, Bridge & Veneers)

This result was achieved in the dental chair over a consecutive afternoon and morning. This Dentistry is highly complex and requires all of Angela's 20 years of experience. This patient is heavy grinder and is required to wear bite splint at night to prevent breakage of veneers and composite bridge work.

"wonky" ( misaligned) and Dead (root treated) Tooth

(Home Bleaching, Direct Composite Veneers on two teeth)

 Heavily worn and aged teeth

(Composite Veneers done over two appointments - afternoon and following morning)

This patient had always wanted nice teeth and thought that his only option was to go overseas. This treatment was much cheaper than the treatment offered overseas even without including airfairs and accomodation. 

The primary advantage of composite veneers for this patient is that his teeth are in generally good shape and there is NO NEED TO REMOVE GOOD TOOTH STRUCTURE that is required with traditional crowns! 

Most importantly, the patient LOVES his new teeth. 

The patient must wear a bite splint to protect his teeth at night from heavy grinding.


Slightly Crooked, Stained and Uneven Teeth due to ageing 

(Composite Veneers whilst replacing old fillings)

Please remember that results can vary and a consultation with Angela is necessary.

Ring (08) 9192 5911 to book a consultation today.

There is a large range of options and every technique has advantages and disadvantages and it is important that you understand you options before undertaking any dental work.

For more information on Cosmetic Dentistry and modern Composite Resins, checkout the Cosmetic Services page.