A Comfortable Environment

Angela is very conscious of the needs of both the patient and dentist and has therefore chosen the Dental Surgery's fit out and equipment accordingly.

The first consideration is the environment that must be inviting, welcoming and calming for the patients so everything from the reception/waiting area to the surgeries were designed with this in mind.

The next considerations are the surgeries where patients are treated. A calm and soothing environment is necessary for both the Dentist and Patient!

Going to the dentist can be one of the worse memories and experiences for many people and because of this, we aim to have your experience to be light and enjoyable and the very best that it can be.

From the time you enter, you will notice that the surgery is not "flashy" and clinical like the trend in many City practices but rather has a modest "Broome" look and feel. We have taken care to choose decor and materials that reflect the Broome lifestyle and where possible, we have used recycled materials from early Broome buildings.

Dental Chairs - the center of the Surgery

Kavo E50 Dental / Dentist ChairWhen you enter the main surgery, you will notice the beautiful Kavo Dental chair.

Some people may find this a little confronting but most think it is fascinating. You can be assured that once you are seated, it feels very comfortable and even great for a snooze!

This chair is designed to assist the Dentist in delivering the highest quality care while also providing the patient with superior comfort. This chair exceeds many International quality and hygiene standards and excels in its self-cleaning routine after every patient.

The Kavo Dental chair has a high quality digital intra-oral camera and handy screen so you can see images directly from the camera. The camera is a great asset for education.

The smaller 2nd surgery has been designed as a sparse and quiet room specifically with Emergency treatment and easy Wheel Chair access in mind. This room is a great option if you feel that you may need a little quiet time before or after seeing Angela. We have chosen a quality Planmeca Compact Chair.

Remember that we are here for you and if you have any questions regarding treatment or how we may be able to help you, please ask.

Pain Relief

The sight of the needle for many can be a moment of bad memories and recollection of a past bad experience.

To help people overcome their fears and provide a positive experience, we have purchased the STA Wand that replaces both the sight and feeling of traditional syringes/needles with something not much more than a pen and a modern looking "box" that could be easily mistaken for a modem, hard drive or even a small desk top computer.

This new system is called the "Magic Wand" by many patients all over the world because of the complete absence of pain and generally no longer having the experience of having a large area of jaw/gums/tongue numb. With the STA Wand, the tooth/teeth requiring anesthetic is targeted and this completely changes the Dental experience. Read more about the magical STA Wand.

Cleanliness / Hygiene / Sterilisation

Mocum Type B AutoclaveAngela insists that the highest standards in hygiene are met at all times within the surgery. This starts with cleaning instruments and equipment after every patient and ensuring that all instruments are sterilised and tracked by the Class B autoclave, packaged and returned sterilised to the surgery ready for use.

The Kavo E50 chair has a self-cleaning cycle after every patient, all benches, chair and equipment surfaces are cleaned after every patient, and at the end of the day, the surgery is thoroughly cleaned ready for the next day.

Sample Intra-Oral Camera ToothIntra-Oral Camera

After using the new camera for the very first time, Angela wondered how she managed without one. Not only does the camera allow Angela to show you any issues, the camera allows Angela to diagnose and identify issues faster and more effectively. For example, fine cracks that are all but invisible, are now easily spotted and treatments modified.

Digital X-Rays

Digital Bitewing XrayWe have chosen X-rays that emit very low levels of radiation, about 10% of a typical medical or older Dental X-Ray units and less radiation experience on a flight from Broome to Perth.

The wall mounted surgery X-rays provide high quality bitewings. These are the x-rays that we are all use to seeing the dentist take. The Planmeca X-Ray units installed in both surgeries at Pearly Whites Dental are state-of-the-art high resolution digitial x-ray units that emit less than 10% of convential x-rays and expose you to less radiation than taking a flight from Broome to Perth!

Kavo Pan eXam OPG X-RayWe also have a 100% digital OPG X-ray in the surgery, typically only found in Hospitals and larger City surgeries. These low radiation, state-of-the-art Panoramic X-rays take a snap shot of teeth, jaws and lower skull and provide the dentist with an unparalleled diagnostic tool including a 180 degree view that will show past work and possibly hidden issues.

OPG Digital X-RayThere is an OPG X-ray machine located in Broome at the Public Hospital but if you are busy and your time is precious, then you can quickly have a digital OPG X-ray taken at Pearly Whites Dental. Once taken and processed, the OPG X-ray is immediately available in the surgery and does not require you to attend the hospital and return for a later appointment with your X-ray image.