It can be Fun at the Dentist


* More than a Positive Experience

We love treating kids! 

Happy Kids, Healthy Teeth, Big Smiles

When we have happy children who like coming to the Dentist, they grow up to be happy adults who don't fear visiting their Dentist.

We not only want your children to have a positive experience, but a memorable experience that wants them to visit again. We get down to their level, listen to their concerns (if any) and introduce them to the dental chair, checkout their brushing and oral hygiene, show them our instruments and tools, especially the Intra-Oral camera that is usually a big hit. We welcome parents and other children into the surgery if it is OK with the child and the procedures are suitable. We sometimes forget that there is safety in numbers and the kids (and parents) can learn a lot while watching.

We know we have done our job well when the parents are asked "When are we going back to visit Angela?" or "Mum, can I come to the dentist with you?". It might seem strange but wanting to return is a not an uncommon experience.

We don't judge you whether your child has problems or perfect teeth! We are here to look after your child and encourage them to look after their own teeth.

Angela is a mother of four children and knows that every child is different including diet, their resistance to decay and that their tooth brushing may not always be ideal. (Angela is also rather partial to fudge and chocolate!) However, we can advise you on what are the best and the worst things for your child's teeth so you are fully informed.

We want your children to grow into adults that are happy to visit the Dentist. This type of experience begins with enjoyable visits to the Dentist as a child. DR Angela McIntosh remembers her “bad” visits to the Dentist and doesn't want any child to have similar experiences. Angela wants your children to have a good time at the Dentist and not be lectured on the do's and don'ts that they ignore anyway. Angela's approach with children has them engaged quickly and eager to learn.


* Preventive Dentistry & Education

Strong Teeth

You can keep teeth your teeth for life and it all begins in childhood!

It starts with your deciduous teeth ( baby teeth), that's the teeth we learn on and then most people can keep their teeth for their whole life.

Prevention is key. If your child visits the Dentist frequently then we can check their teeth on a regular basis and find any problems early. Prevention is always cheaper and better than than treatment. 

Fissure sealants are an invisible coating applied to the tooth that makes the tooth's surface smooth and prevents food and other decay causing substances from being stuck in the tooth.

Fissure Sealants

Fissure sealants are a great way to reduce the frequency of decay in children's teeth.


* Technology

We have several pieces of modern equipment to help us with your children. The first is the Intra-Oral camera that is an amazing piece of equipment as it not only records the state of teeth, but enables us to show the children (and adults) their teeth magnified many times so they can see both the good and the bad. Its value as an educational tool cannot be measured. We have found it is usually a hit with the children who become fascinated with what they see on the Dental Chair screen.

Intra Oral Camera

Another piece of fantastic technology that we have here at Pearly Whites Dental is a low radiation OPG X-Ray machine. An OPG X-Ray is ideal for children as it shows much more than traditional bite wings and can be used in place of bite wings in special circumstance (the results are lower quality but something is better than nothing). The OPG X-Ray tends to be far more acceptable to children than a bite wing X-Ray because X-Ray plate is not placed within the mouth but rather the scan is performed externally. The OPG X-Ray shows the entire jaw including any adult teeth and can be valuable in the early detection of many common dental issues.

Child OPG

The 3rd piece of equipment that assists us in treating children and improving their experience of visiting the Dentist is the magical STA Wand that looks little more than a pen and can be used to only target the immediate area requiring numbing. This form of aneasthetic delivery is far less threatening than a traditional needle and is also considered pain free.

STA Wand

You can get exceptional value!

Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) 



This CDBS isthe latest scheme that replaces the Medicare Teen Dental Plan.

Your child is eligible if:

  • He/she is aged between 2-17 years old on any day in the calendar year

  • has a Medicare card 

  • and is part of a family that receives a relevant Australian government payment such as Family Tax Benefit Part A.

I.e. it is not just for people with a Health care Card but for many children. 

Remember that if you have Private Health Insurance, your children can often have dental treatment with little or no out of pocket expense. Please refer to your own Private Health Insurance for this information.

If eligible, you should have received a letter from the Department of Health letting you know that your children are eligible. 

If you are not sure, simply call or email us and we will check the register. We will need your child's first name, birth date and Medicare Card number and child's sequence number to check your child's participation.

This scheme provides up to $1000 for basic dental treatment ( i.e. checkups, xrays, cleaning, fissure sealants, fillings etc.) over 2 calendar years. 

E.g. $1000 over 2014 and 2015

OR $1000 over 2015 and 2016 ( provided the scheme continues)

OR $1000 over 2016 and 2017 ( provided the scheme continues) etc.

Every Private Dentist has to choose whether they wish to offer this scheme or not and Pearly Whites Dental is committed to offering this scheme to assist parents in making "ends meet" and having access to affordable and "the very best" dentistry for their children. 

Pearly Whites Dental understands that your children's dental health is as important as their general health and will participate in this scheme. We will only charge you exactly what you will get back from Medicare so that for an agreed treatment, dental treatment will cost you nothing up to $1000 dollars per eligible child. 

For more information please contact us, call 132 011 or go to the Children Dental Benefits Schedule web page.