Pearly Whites Dental offers patients an in-surgery manufacturing service for custom mouth guards, bites splints, orthodontic retainers, bleach trays and periodontal (gum) disease treatment trays.

Rather than you having to deal with messy impression kits, Dr McIntosh takes all impressions and we make the mouthguard or other appliances onsite or liaise with leading Dental Laboratories to have state-of-the-art ValPlast flexible partial dentures or other more traditional dentures made.

Did you know that selected Health Funds offer great rebates on Mouth Guards. HCF and CBHS both offer GAP Free mouthguards to their members while HBF and BUPA both offer GAP Free Kids and standard rebates for adults. Check with your fund to confirm own your level of cover.

Custom Mouth Guards

These mouth guards offer superior protection to the "over the counter" types sold in Sport Stores and Pharmacies. Have a read of the ADA's Mouth Guard Handbook for a comparison of mouth guard types and their effectiveness (and more technical info if you are inclined).

Our mouth guards are made using the state-of-the-art double laminate ProForm materials manufactured by Keystone Industries, considered by many World Wide as the best, leading and preferred mouth guard supplier.

ProForm mouth guards "provide the highest level of protection, retention, comfort and fit without hindering speech, breathing and most of all athletic performance. The custom-fit mouth guard goes above and beyond typical boil-and-bite mouth guards because of its superior fit and retention. In addition, ProForm mouth guards are thin and comfortable enough while still maintaining shape and protection long after other mouth guards have worn out." (Source: ProForm Information Material - Keystone Industries)


 ProForm mouth guards

ProForm mouthguards come in many colors. The colors available at Pealy Whites Dental are clear and white. Special orders can be made for other colors although additional charges may apply.

  • Allow athletes to breathe during competition and enhances performance.

  • Prevents tongue, lips and cheeks from lacerations from sharp ends of the upper teeth.

  • Lessen risk of damage to the back of the teeth following a blow delivered to the underside of the lower jaw. Without a mouth guard, such impacts can cause cusp fractures and complete root fractions.

  • Lessen the risk of concussions following an impact around the mouth. This is due to the prevention of full posterior translation of the condyles to the base of the skull.

  • Lessen the risk of jaw fractures by absorbing the energy of a traumatic blow.
    Improves confidence of players so the athletes can concentrate more on the efforts and execution of their sport.

  • Can be used for multiple sports.

  • With proper care, the mouth guard can be used for more than a year.

  • Extremely beneficial for athletes who are undergoing orthodontic treatment.



Many other funds also provide generous rebates for Children and Adult mouth guards. Check with your own fund to confirm your level of cover. 

Bite / Occlusional Splints

For anyone who grinds their teeth while sleeping, bite splints are highly recommended to protect your teeth and avoid wearing and sometimes cracking/breaking teeth.

We make our bite splints from Proform Dual laminates that are soft on the teeth side to provide cushioning but hard on the other to provide strength and resistance to the grinding force of teeth.

Bite splints are custom made from an impression of your teeth and fit firmly so they stay on through the night.

Orthodontic Retainers

Once your teeth are straightened using braces or one of the new modern Orthodontic systems, your teeth are susceptible to returning back to their natural position prior to orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic retainers are made from impressions of your teeth once orthodontic treatment is complete and are used not to adjust but rather keep you teeth in their new position. These retainers are thin, clear and almost invisible.

Orthodontic Retainer

Bleach Trays / Perio Treatment Trays

Our home whitening kits come with custom made bleach trays in which a small amount of teeth whitening gel is placed in the tray corresponding to the front of the teeth to be whitened. The trays are specially cut (scalloped) to follow the tooth/gum line to minimise the application of teeth whitening gel to the gums. If you have an existing home kit, we can take impressions and provide you with replacement bleach trays. Read more about Teeth Whitening

Home Whitening Bleach Tray

To treat severe periodontal (gum) disease, one treatment option is to use special formulations that are applied to the gums using a tray, very similar to a Bleach Tray. These trays are made from impressions and rather than being scalloped and following the teeth/gum line, cover more of the gums.


We do not make or repair dentures at Pearly Whites Dental but rather liaise with Dental Laboratories and provide impressions and fitting services.

We recommend and supply the super comfortable and state-of-the-art ValPlast flexible partial dentures along with the more traditional resins and metal base dentures.

ValPlast dentures are made from a flexible resin that utilize existing teeth to anchor the denture in place. Our patients say are they are so comfortable they even forgot that they are wearing them and are so glad they had their old resin or metal based ones replaced.

If you are interested in any of these products, please call Pearly Whites Dental on (08) 9192 5911 to ask any questions or make an appointment.