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Before going any further, have you read Choice Magazine's independent article on teeth whitening? We recommend that you have a read of this article so you get an independent understanding of your general options and the value of our professional teeth whitening services by a qualified dentist.

Read the article now.

Teeth Whitening Results - SDI

No matter how well you care for your teeth, your teeth can or get stained or darken over time due to aging or other factors.

Our expectations of how white teeth should be has changed over the years. When you compare many current actor's, actress's and model's teeth to those of the 70s or earlier, you can easily see that many of today's personalities have near perfect teeth. Modern Orthodontics allow people to have a straight smile, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry haves perfected smiles and Photo Shopping has altered images.

There are many options to have your teeth made whiter and brighter and those that we offer here at Pearly Whites Dental include

Since each person's teeth are unique, there is no single best way to whiten teeth and so it is important to understand your options so Angela can advise you on what will be and will not be effective.

All teeth whitening results are dependent on the initial colour of your teeth and the reason(s) for any discoloration. A professional consultation is necessary to ensure that the desired results are achievable and more importantly, safe for your teeth, gums and mouth. If you have periodontal (gum) disease or decay , you will need to have this treated prior to bleaching to minimise the chance of pain.

Tooth Color Shades

Teeth are many different shades and colors. Some people have naturally white teeth but most people have light to dark yellow teeth. Sometimes teeth can have a grey tinge that may have been the result of tetracycline antibiotic use in the 60s.

When staining is present on a tooth's surface, a professional clean always helps but some stains/imperfections may be deep within the tooth surface and common whitening techniques will not be sufficient to achieve an even smile. In this case composite veneers are used to whiten teeth.

Teeth Whitening does not whiten existing fillings or crowns and it is usually necessary to have visible tooth coloured fillings replaced or veneered to match the final tooth colour after whitening is completed.

Here at Pearly Whites Dental, we use and provide the teeth whitening products manufactured by SDI, the same people who makes the revolutionary Aura Composite Resin materials we use for composite veneers and crowns. Full product information can be found at

Please note that chemicals used to whiten teeth may cause irritation to teeth and/or soft tissues. It is therefore important to discuss any sensitivity issues you may have with your Dentist or Hygienist and to immediately stop any treatment and seek professional advice if any more than minor irritation / discomfort is experienced.



There are many products available in Supermarkets, Beautiticians and Internet that may whiten your teeth. We are often asked why Dentist provided treatments are more expensive and why they provide better results. Here are some considerations.

  • All whitening gel strengths and ingredients provided by either Dentists or Non-Dentist are tightly controlled and limited by law in Australia. Those whitening agents provided by Dentists are typically many times stronger than what can be legally provided by Non-Dentists.
  • Treatments provided by dentists are typically specialisd products and strengths that are not otherwise not available
  • Our treatments can be used without the need for special lights to accelerate the whitening process. These lights and the accelerate whitening process can create heat that may cause serious issues including the irreversable damage to a tooth's pulp so great care is required. Another reason why only Denists should provide this type of treatment.
  • Treatments provided by dentists consistently provide better results including avoiding unnecessary pain.
  • Custom made trays are far more effective and generally last much longer than generic or "boil and bite" trays
  • Additonal whitening treatments often require the puchase of additional whitening agents.
  • If something goes wrong, only Densists can provide professional support..

We suggest that anyone considering whitening products be wary of claims suggesting that more than a two or three shades of teeth whitening is probable.


"IN OFFICE" WHITENING (polaoffice+)

This method of teeth whitening is performed by a Dentist while you are in the dental chair and takes ar30 minutes to an hour where up to three applications of a tooth whitening substance is applied, removed and reapplied.

In Office Whitening can be covered in whole or part by Private Health Insurance (please refer to your own policy). Item numbers used are 015, 111 and 118.

pola office in house whitening

Check out this independent review of PolaOffice or the pola product brochure

This method has become increasingly popular, particularly in overseas clinics, because of the immediate results. As with all teeth whitening procedures, it is important to understand the risks involved, especially when a higher strength bleach or a light is used to accelerate results.

  1. Teeth Sensitivity - some patients find the strength of whitening gel too strong and find that they experience mild to severe pain
  2. Soft Tissue Burns - the whitening gel is bleach and therefore used incorrectly can burn soft tissue such as lips and gum.

The upside of these issues is that they have been addressed by SDI's polaoffice product that we use. polaoffice has

  1. A built in desensitiser that acts on nerve endings to block transmission of sensitive nerve impulses
  2. Flexible gingival barrier to protect soft tissue and allows for quick and effective removal of whitening gel
  3. A bleaching light is optional

Some Health funds offer rebates for in-Office whitening and for take home bleach trays.

HOME WHITENING KITS (polanight & poladay)

Home Whitening is a convenient and practical way to whiten your teeth, especially if you have sensitive teeth. Home Whitening can also compliment an "In Office" whitening and allows you to maintain your new smile.

Home Whitening kits are considered the safest and most cost effective form of professional whitening although it can take a little longer to achieve your desired results when compared to an In Office treatment. Even though the issues associated with In Office treatments can still be experienced, the likelihood and severity are generally much less and more easily managed.

polanight and bleach trays

Home Whitening is a technique where custom trays that perfectly fit the teeth with a little room for whitening gel on the front surface are custom made. Small amounts of special safer strength bleaching gel (Polanight 16%) is then used to treat the teeth for one to a few hours or over night.

Home Whitening is the most predictable form of teeth whitening and results can begin to be seen within a few applications. The recommended initial treatment is for up to 10 days. Once completed, extra gel can be purchased to further bleach or simply maintain your new whiter teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits are safe, simple and provide a fantastic lightening of teeth that can be used whenever necessary to freshen the initial whitening including In Office treatments.

Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Whitening Paint (pola luminate)

Paint on whitening is a convient way to touch up and maintain you whiter smile with either an in-office treatment or take home kit. Pola luminate is 6% hydrogen peroxide to deliver quick and efficient results.

Brush on and go!

  • No trays required – quick & easy professional tooth whitening
  • 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • Fluoride Releasing thatremineralises the tooth surface and assists in reducing post-operative sensitivity.
  • Only 30 minutes twice a day
  • Over 60 applications – 5.5mL tube


Check out this independent review of PolaOffice or the pola product brochure

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