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Check out the August Bite Magazine for Angela's story

Angela was born and educated in Auckland New Zealand and graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in Otago in 1991. After graduating, Angela immediately moved to Australia to work for 2 years in the La Trobe Valley, Victoria. Here she gained brilliant mentoring from Dr Peter Kingsbury who was able to pass on a wealth of knowledge about the technical intricacies of practical Dentistry as well as educating her through trips to the Opera in Melbourne.

Later Angela was fortunate to land a job in Brighton Beach Melbourne where she was mentored by Dr Pamela Dalgleish. Pamela passed on the empathy, humor and gentleness that is so needed in the dental profession, as well as the social obligation of contributing to society. Angela was offered a 50% share in the Brighton Beach practice where she spent many happy years.

The Patrol and Van - travelling Australia

After the birth of her oldest son Daniel and then the birth of premature twins at 25 weeks 4 years later, Angela sold her practice to focus solely on her children. For two years her twins Sasha and Claire were very sick and struggled.

Life circumstances had Angela and her husband Glen reassess what was important to them and so they decided on a tree change and moved to beautiful Woodend, located at the foot of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria.

When the two girls were well and after the birth of their fourth son Benjamin, Angela returned to worked in Sunbury as a full time Dentist and then returned to the Brighton Beach practice where she locumed.

In 2007, Angela and Glen decided to sell up, become debt free, buy a caravan and travel Australia with their four children but their house didn't sell!

In 2008, their house finally sold, an old 1980s 6 berth family caravan showed up, Glen left his 22 year career in IT and became a full time Dad and a part time silver/gold smith. Angela decided to take a break from Dentistry to see what would happen during the great family journey.

At the Ochre mine - Iga Warta, Flinders Ranges, SA

The family traveled for nearly two years. The family experienced many diverse aspects of life and lived, stayed and worked in amazing places like Iga Warta in the Flinders Ranges ( SA) and the opal fields of Mintabie where the family fell in love with Opal. They left Mintabie and when they arrived in Port Augusta, the question was asked "Which way do we turn? Left to NSW or right to WA?" Right to WA it was!

The Family in Broome

Another 6 months passed and after many more adventures along the WA coastline and in Perth, the family finally arrived in Broome and enjoyed the "Broome Time" lifestyle.

Broome was an impossible place to leave. Every time they tried, something would have then stay just a little bit longer. 3 weeks soon turned into 5 years .....

While taking time off Dentistry, Angela's life experience had expanded by having worked in remote stores, help run a caravan park and volunteering in Op Shops. On reaching Broome, Angela tried her hand as a receptionist at BP, cleaned fish tanks at a garden center in 40 Deg heat, worked in an Art Gallery, and stacked shelves in Coles. She began to understand how hard it is for the average family.

Angela started missing her profession and longing for patient contact. Angela realised how much she loved dentistry and how lucky she was to have a profession that she was not only good at, but felt fulfilled when patients left delighted with her work.

Angela worked part time in a Private Dental Practice in Broome and then full time as a Public Service Dentist located at the Broome Regional Hospital where she was continually stretched and challenged emotionally, physically, technically and professionally!

Hugs, Kisses .... and some Muddies!

Angela gained experience that is only available in remote areas and had the privilege of treating the patients of Broome as well traveling to Bidyadanga, One Arm Point, Lombadina/Djaridjin and Beagle Bay. She began to treat children under General Anesthetic and gained credentialing with WACHS as a Dental Practitioner.

During her time in the Public Service, Angela was lucky enough to have a wonderful year serving the patients at BRAMS and thoroughly enjoyed her days there getting to know the lovely staff and patients.

Sadly, Angela left the Public Service and thought that it may be time to leave Broome. The family loved Broome and its unique lifestyle and didn't want to leave and after a series of what many would see as coincidental events, Angela was unexpectantly given the opportunity to start her own Dental Practice in Broome.

She is excited with this new venture and has a vision to create a fun and happy place to work as well as serve and contribute to the Broome community.

Her children attend Broome Primary and Broome Senior High Schools and her husband Glen, is the part time Practice Manager and the Owner/Silver and Gold Smith for Pearl Coast Jewellery.

Angela loves Art & Crafts and draws and quilts whenever she can.

She loves walks on the beach with her dog Buddy, gardening, reading and hanging out with family and friends.


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Check out the August Bite Magazine for Angela's story

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